Autonomous agents in marketing

In this post we discussed the use of autonomous agents in marketing. Autonomous agents can be used to automate tasks such as segmenting customers, creating personalized content, and sending automated emails.

Mautic’s visual builder

Mautic with its visual builder is a powerful tool for creating professional-looking landing pages and emails quickly and easily.

Top 8 benefits of marketing automation

The benefits of marketing automation are: saves you time, keeps you on your budget, helps you generate more leads, and allows you to run multichannel campaigns

Google Analytics illegal in Austria and France

CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés) – the French Data Protection Agency, has concluded that the use of Google Analytics is illegal under GDPR. The same move was made by he Austrian Data Protection Authority (“Datenschutzbehörde” or “DSB” or “DPA”) few weeks ago. DSB was the first to announce that Austrian website providers […]

Goodbay to Mautic 2

The last release of Mautic 2.x series, 2.16.4 was made in December 2020. This release includes a back-ported security fix, and a small update for the migration script. From now on security fixes for the 2.x version of Mautic will be discontinued and migrations to Mautic 3 are planned for all our customers Want’s going […]