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All-in-one marketing and data platform for small and medium companies. Open AI Autonomous Agent, marketing automation and webanalytics (including mobile Apps). Created for European companies that want to keep their data for themselves.

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marketing automation

Easily automate personalized communications across all your digital properties and channels to known and anonymous users. Highly flexible templates for your email marketing enable you to deliver and optimize effective campaigns.


Open AI Autonomus Agent

We’ve implemented initial support for ChatGPT with our Autonomous Agent MAG AI 1.0. Our Agent is designed specifically for language models to compensate for the weaknesses of GPTs by feeding them the outputs of other tools.

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Open adserver

Manage your ad inventory (define advertisers, campaigns, banners, sites, zones). Finally get all your ad statistics in one place – count ad impressions, clicks, conversions to optimize your marketing activities.

Autonomous recommendations

Use real-time engagement data to personalize the experience on your website and in your emails by delivering relevant content to individuals in your audience. Personalized experience 1:1 with a little help of AI.


Take control of your product feed with FeedB, the feed burner. FeedB is a powerful feed management tool for your online site. Works with any data source to get all necessary data.