The Adex DMP Taxonomy Update


Taxonomy Update

The ADEX DMP is the brain of digital marketing. It is a self-hosted data technology solution for managing, activating, analysing and collecting user data from various online and offline channels to achieve a more efficient way of digital marketing.

Collection and data processing

The Adex  collects data from every possible source – from desktop and mobile to HBBTV. Technology uses different options to track predefined attributes that can vary from standard information such as demographics or psychographics to customized characteristics.

 Segmentation is the core element when it comes to data processing. The Adex offers the whole range from base operators like „and/ or“ to recency & frequency at segment level to constraint conditions and other complex settings.

Complex processing of the rules

When it comes to complex processing for frequently updated sites, Taxonomy Update will help you to keep your data up to date. We handle all onboarding processes to provide you a working solution that simply reads and  analyses your sources and gives an output in a form of REGEX rules that should be updated in your taxonomy.



It is a one-time setup fee to prepare the tool for your individual needs.

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Once onboarded you pay only a monthly fee that depends on the number of updates a month. Prices start from 150€.

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