OMC Feeder


OMC Feeder

Take control of your product feed. OMC Feeder is a simple and powerful feed management tool for your online site.


If you don’t have any data source on your website we build a dedicated crawler for you that simply gets necessary data from your website.

It’s one of the most effective solution that won’t engage your IT team at all. It is also a very flexible solution.

You can modify your feed by simple rules. You can easily change the category name or add “Bestseller” tag. The feed is sorted or number of displayed items is restricted based on the performance of your sales or marketing channels.

Rewriting feeds

You can create your product feeds that comply with technical specifications of hundreds of our integrated publishing partners. You can modify the product files to display only those products that you want to. Finally
you can optimize displayed products based on Google Analytics data.

Rewriting feeds include such formats as Google, Facebook, Adform, Criteo, The Trading Desk, Quarticon, Adroll, Target Circle, Awin, CJ and others.


Onboarding of crawler

It is a one-time setup fee applicable only for the crawler as a source of data. 


A monthly fee that that start from 29€ for rewriting feeds.

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