Mautic Marketing Automation

All-in-one marketing automation platform for small and medium companies.

Mautic Marketing Automation Platform

All-in-one premium web analytics platform designed to give you the most conclusive insights with our complete range of features. Backed by technology trusted on over 1.4 million websites. We respect privacy, we deliver 100% data ownership and no sampling. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full force and all businesses with website traffic coming from the EU or Switzerland need to comply with the GDPR. We offer advanced GDPR Manager to ensure your business is fully compliant with the new regulation.


Design everything

Design communication channels: landing pages, emails, smses, push messages, focus items with a visual builder. Drag & drop elements you want to use .

Visual builder

The visualized campaign builder allows to create multi-touch automated programs by segment. You can send ad-hoc email blasts whenever you have relevant information to share with your groups.

Optimize campaigns

Optimize campaigns

Improve campaign performance by incorporating A/B testing and real-time reports to understand best perform tactics and adjust it to improve conversion rates.

Optimize channels

Iterate on content variations and delivery channels and quickly learn which channels most effectively help you reach your audience. Engage them through the most effective channel.

Capture audiences

Capture audiences

Capture anonymous and known visitor traffic at a contact level to see where your audience is coming from, when they convert to a known contact and how they are engaging with you.

360° customer's view

Connect to any relevant contact management database in your technology stack and gain a complete view of your prospects and customers across the entire lifecycle.

Automate and personalize

Easily build triggers

Automatically guide your audience through each of the stages of the buying process by easily triggering communications based on a wide range of contact information and activities.


Create targeted multi-channel campaigns and dynamic content triggered by user behaviour to give your audience more of what they want, through the channel they prefer.

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